Our Surveyors

Our Surveyors

Capt. Sardar Kabir, MNI, AssocIIMS

Marine Consultant

Kabir is highly driven, self-motivated and very passionate about succeeding in life.
A fantastic team player, Kabir feels that over the years he has gained
enormous experience working with different people in varying environments
and circumstances. Always respectful of the needs of others; punctuality, trustworthiness and
reliability are just some of his many assets.

Capt. Dough Burn

Marine Surveyor

Douglas Burn has over 35 years of diversified experience within the shipping industry and held Masters positions within a number of major companies including 20 years with Shell UK ltd. He is fully proficient in all aspects of Petroleum product tank inspections.
In addition to his sea going career, Douglas has operated as an agent for JP Knight, Port Captain in the Caspian Sea and On Scene Security Surveyor (ISPS) for Lloyds Maritime Intelligence Unit.
As a result of his professional experiences in a safety-critical and total-quality environment, Douglas is a successful process and people manager with excellent transport and logistic experience.
Outside interests include contributions as book reviewer (since 1997) for Nautical Magazine, as well as sponsorship and support for the Local Arts and Theatre.
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Tariqul Islam, GMRINA, SNAME, ASME

Naval Architect / Inspector

Tariq is a highly skilled marine architect, who is self-motivated and has an excellent professional and academic track record. UK marine inspection services places a high value on continuous professional development, and is proud to announce that Tariq is currently in the third year of his PhD research studies. As a result of his continued pursuit for excellence Tariq has been successfully awarded a number of scholarships:
Awarded International scholarship – Newcastle University
Awarded scholarship from Engineering Design Centre – Newcastle University
Awarded merit scholarship for outstanding result – B.U.E.T. Awarded

Tariq Jaman, CEng, GMRINA, IMarEST

External Marine Consultant

A qualified and enthusiastic professional naval architect, structural engineer and marine engineer with
experience on a wide range of commercial, private and military vessels as well as renewable and offshore
sectors, with extensive knowledge and experience in vessel design, operation, technical management and
surveying in a global environment. As a member of a team of Naval Architects, he has managed a wide range
of projects in the Maritime sector and has provided technical advice and solutions to clients worldwide. He has
worked in a highly demanding environment while seeking solutions on his own initiative.

Capt. Shahidul Islam

Master Mariner / Marine Consultant

Shahid is currently appointed as a Marine Consultant. He is a professionally and academically qualified senior deck officer, with experience on Chemical, Product and Crude Oil tankers. He has used his own experience, skills and knowledge to describe technical descriptions and procedures for marine equipment, utilising shipyard and manufacturer’s guidelines. He has also assigned and supervised dedicated tasks given to staff and kept the required records. Shahid has trained crew under specific guide lines provided by company instructions and policies. Team player with a keen interest in technology, and maintained a healthy relationship with officers and crew to achieve the overall goals of organisation. Good written and verbal communication skills. Fast learner who can in no time be a valuable member of the organization.

Capt. Colin Chandler MBE, FNI

Surveyor (Oil and Gas)

A Fellow of the Nautical Institute and an experienced shore manager and professionally qualified seafarer graduated from the UK Open University. Collin has experience of working within the fields of seafarer certification, education and training and with government departments, industry organisations, colleges and similar.He worked in the field of maritime training and education, and other areas of maritime activity. From Merchant Navy, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, and Fisheries Support vessels to ommercial shipping companies, Collin worked closely with the military services, government agncies and local governments.He is also experienced in the Fishing Industry and in the Inland Waterways Industry and currently working as Master of UK domestic passenger vessels.

Capt. Peter Diggins

Marine Consultant

A prime example of professionalism and reliability; his various attributes include being a fantastic team player and leader while always being a greatly-driven person.

Aslam Dalavi

Marine Consultant

Reliable, professional and always executes the correct instructions.

 Evgenii Kravchenko


An excellent team-player and trustworthy person.